So Whole Foods had an “After Holidaze Party” and it was a damn good time. I spent the whole night getting down on the dance floor shaking what my momma gave me. They also had a FREE photobooth. I spent so much time in there!


So these are long over-due photos with a long over-due update… but here goes…

Vinny was actually lovable the day we left. And he killed two baby squirrels in less than an hour as a going away present.

No speedometer… we went 0mph the entire way.

Blasted through Western Massachusetts. Let’s make it out of this state!

Connecticut. Making great time in our first day.

Full speed ahead!

I’m sure we could’ve stayed here for free. But we didn’t.

FYI: Jason really likes driving in the rain.

Stopped at the largest truck stop. IOWA 80!

Iowa fields and boxcars.

Best team.


Psyched on pumping gas in Iowa!

Saw a spider eating a moth on the gas pump!

Then I passed the hell out.

We had an awesome set-up.

So many dead bugs on the windshield.

Music was what got us through this trip so easily. It’s your turn to put a new record on.

Stopped in Omaha, Nebraska to go bowling.

A few strings later, back to the van.

Open those windows.

How I started feeling about Nebraska… never-ending Nebraska…

“Got any weenies to roast?” is what he asked us as we watched his van burn to the ground. Rest stop entertainment.

They bought this van for $400 and it burned to the ground in the first few hours they owned it.

Into the mountains.

Colorado rockies.

Perfect place to update the journal.

Wind power!!

Middle-America is a strange place.

Party hat… full of goodies.

Epic clouds.

Creepy Motel.

Salt Lake Shitty, Utah.

Driving through the Salt Flats.

Day three. Desert life.

The van. The myth. The legend. Clifford.

All our musical devices were dead… and around here the only radio stations that came in at all were Christian stations. Jesus Lives. Fuck Nevada.

Knowing California was just beyond these seemingly endless mountains was so crazy.

Massachusetts to California. 3146 Miles. 3 amazing days.

So I’m here… in California. My mom’s cousin is putting me up and making me feel extremely at home here in Rohnert Park. I have been hanging out, bowling with Jason here and there, and skateboarding everyday. It’s usually the Santa Rosa park ’cause it’s pretty ghetto. Kid’s smoke weed and drink out of open bottles while police officers pass by making sure the bums who hang out in the park next to the skateboard park aren’t causing too much trouble. Oh, it’s funny how things work when police officers are more concerned with the escalated number of stabbings in a city than what the skater kids do at the skatepark. I love it. So I went to the Santa Rosa park the other day… which looks like this… 


Thanks, burgerflipper, I stole your picture of Silas’ feet. Check out those other pictures in the Santa Rosa park album to see the gnarlitude of the park. So I went the other day and it was the craziest day at a skatepark I’ve experienced yet.

It started out with this bmx kid who must have been about 16 or 17 years old using his handlebars as a pipe to smoke weed out of. It blew my mind. We were all cracking up. It was great.

Later on in the day we all watched a fight between two drunks… one on a bicycle and one in a pick-up truck. I watched the one guy on the bike drop his bike and punch the guy driving in the face through his open window. The man in the truck then tried to run the guy on foot over for the next 10 minutes. They both eventually left, both stopped to slur some words in our direction upon leaving, one showing off his fucked up bruised cheek from the altercation (which had started a few minutes before on the other side of the park) that had left him knocked out. The man in the truck left and came back, and before leaving for good showed off three large lacerations on his forearm from “Billy”, the bruised up bicycle riding drunk, that he was given after knocking Billy out. We couldn’t believe what we just watched.

It all came to an end when a girl who had been pushing around on a cruiser board all day took out sparklers and other fireworks for some before sunset summer fun. She lit off a mortar firework that had been sitting in her glove compartment in her car for a while to bring the night to a close.

Oh, and I saw the best Cabriolet EVER in the parking lot…


Epic skatepark times.

Pictures from the drive here VERY SOON. I’m still sorting and re-sizing!

Andrew’s wedding was really fun… more fun than I could have anticipated. We spent a few days on Cape Cod preparing and wedding-ing. 


It was time to get fancy.


Marissa was there getting all done up.


I was the Best Man so the pressure was on for me. Between holding onto the rings and making a toast after the ceremony, I was nervous.


Cufflinks and all. Gettin’ dapper.


Calvin Klein tuxes.


The wedding party.


These were taken right before the wedding ceremony. Checking my pockets for the rings and speech every minute.


Giving the toast. I was really nervous… my hands were shaking so badly.

This is where the partying started. I got dizzy with some drinks and danced the night away. Congratulations Andrew and Moriah!

It started out looking like it was going to be a great day. I got a text from Oliver telling me everyone was really high as the skatepark. Golden. So I spraypainted 420 on my griptape and headed to the park to meet up with Oliver. We skated Plym Park and were kinda bummed. Oliver suggested we hop on the road and go to a park that’s worthwhile. So we did it, we were headed to Providence to kill it on some better terrain. Sure enough, we got lost. Basically ’cause I’m an idiot and thought I knew how to get there. So we finally made it to the park… skated for not even 2 whole minutes, and it started to rain. Bummer.


This is what the park looked like. Dank.


This is what Oliver had to say about the situation.


Oliver was freakin’ out. He should’ve just smoked a doobie.


We drove home in this garbage. But luckily we weren’t entirely bummed on the day… cause we saw this guy gettin’ soaked…


And the most badass minivan on the planet…



I haven’t made a post in a while and I apologize… whether it’s too late or not. I guess I’ve done a bunch of exciting crap that I should’ve documented or took pictures of. But alas, I failed.

I went to the ICA with Christina to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. I’m really on the fence about that guy. I wanted to write a post about that really badly but I kept reading what some people had to say about his work and it just started to bum me out. I felt like I had to cite sources and make opinions if I was going to make a post about it so I panicked and just continued to not blog. His work is really clean and nice looking… but I also think that maybe all his stolen images are just because he lacks artistic ability. I think people just give him too much credit and think of him as some sort of American hero. I don’t know what he is. I will let you make your own opinions. The exhibit was impressive. I’ll say that. Go and see for yourself. You be the judge. All I draw is shitty monsters anyways. 

It’s hard to remember what the hell I do when I don’t write about it or take pictures. 

I’ve been skating with Chris a whole lot lately. Plym Park almost daily. We’ve started going later at night too, cause there is a light at the park now that gives off just enough light to skate some stuff. Plym Park After Dark. We planned on having a Plym Park session one night last week (I think it was last Friday night) and it ended up raining. We got real bummed for a hot second. But instead of crying about it… we drove to Allston and skated Jackson Mann from 11:30pm until 4:00am. This is what came from that night…

Other than constant skating we have been bowling a ton! I would say it’s the next best thing to skateboarding


(Todd Roeth gets major props and credit for this great photo of Ben Nichols!)

I went to see Lucero with Marissa, Kevin, Jacqui, and Bruce the other night. It was amazing. They played for almost three hours. Ben Nichols is incredible. If you haven’t listened to or seen Lucero I suggest you do ASAP. That guy never fails to bring me to tears.

Went to the South Shore Plaza mall to watch Andy “Mac Attack”/”Yellow Helmet” MacDonald do a Bern helmets mini-ramp demo with Nora and another ripper today. Chris, Oliver, Nora, and I shredded the Braintree skatepark after we left the mall. It started to rain so we all parted ways. I headed to Somerville to meet up with my brother for dinner and then called it a night.

Sunday Montage

So it was an absolutely beautiful Sunday. I met up with Chris and Oliver at Plymouth skatepark ready for some montage mania…